Java innovation is both a programming dialect and a choice of specific stages and it institutionalizes the advancement and sending of the sort of secure, convenient, dependable, and versatile applications required by the arranged economy. Java, which is a generally utilized, extensible programming stage, makes the improvement of customized applications and substance substantially simpler.

Angie ?s arrangement of items and tasks that are created utilizing the Java innovation depend on the possibility that a similar programming should keep running on various sorts of frameworks and gadgets

Angie has involvement in creating items or undertaking ventures in the accompanying sub innovation/devices

Angie ?s Capabilities in Java Sub Technology/Tools

Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)

Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) characterizes the standard for creating part based multitier venture applications. The J2EE stage deals with the framework and backings the Web administrations to empower improvement of secure, vigorous and interoperable business applications.

Angie has begun utilizing this driving innovation in the ?Indenting System? and ?Agency Business System?, coordinated with SAP, made for a multinational ?fortune 500? Exchanging house and for an in house undertaking to screen profitability and effectiveness of representatives.

In yet another undertaking managing the circle of medicinal services, we have utilized Struts, which is a Framework by Apache on J2EE. Proceeding with the developing cut EJB has been presented in another task ?Supply Chain Management System?.

Angie has a consolidated ordeal of around 150 man-months and has the ability of taking mission basic difficulties on this stage.

Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE)

J2SE gives a total situation to applications improvement on work areas and servers. The head answer for quickly creating and conveying mission-basic, endeavor applications, J2SE gives the fundamental compiler, apparatuses, runtimes and APIs for composing, sending and running applets and applications in the Java programming dialect.

Angie has a consolidated ordeal of around 75 man-months and has conveyed many tasks and items effectively here like Personalmedic, eSCM, SMS Xprez including customer server based applications in swing/AWT and so forth.


Macromedia JRun 4 gives the speed and unwavering quality required to send and deal with your benchmarks based Internet applications. At present utilized as a part of creation at more than ten thousand organizations around the world, JRun is the demonstrated answer for diminishing the time and cost related with creating and conveying applications.

This is the fundamental application server used to send J2EE applications in Angie .Angie has a consolidated ordeal of around 70 man-months and has conveyed many tasks effectively here including asset pooling, association pooling, security maintainace, JNDI and so forth.

Apache Tomcat

Tomcat is the servlet compartment that is utilized as a part of the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages advancements. Tomcat is created in an open and participatory condition and discharged under the Apache Software License. It is planned to be a coordinated effort of the best-of-breed designers from around the globe.

Angie has a consolidated affair of around 100 man-months.

Jakarta Struts

The Struts structure gives the imperceptible underpinnings each expert web application needs to survive. Struts encourages you make an extensible advancement condition for your application, in view of distributed gauges and demonstrated outline designs. Struts is a piece of the Apache Jakarta Project, supported by the Apache Software Foundation.

Struts is the for the most part utilized system for actualizing MVC for relatively every J2EE extends in Angie .Angie has a joined ordeal of around 50 man-months and has conveyed many ventures effectively here including execution of multilingual help, Resource based Messaging and so on.


A profoundly advanced Java runtime condition, J2ME innovation particularly addresses the immense customer space, which covers the scope of greatly little items, for example, savvy cards or a pager as far as possible up to the set-top box, an apparatus nearly as capable as a PC.

The quantity of cell phone clients on the planet is expanding quickly. A regularly expanding number of telephones will be associated with the Internet. This opens new conceivable outcomes for clients, administrators and substance suppliers. Clients will have the choice to customize their cell phones by downloading new applications, for example, amusements and utility programming. This requirement for tweaked content makes more prominent requests on the application improvement stage, than has customarily been the situation.

Activities and Products created by Angie :

Inventory network Management System - eSCM (Mitsui and Co UK Plc)

eSCM offers appropriate record stream and stock stream in an inventory network condition spread over remote land areas in order to move towards zero idleness in straightforward data sharing. This framework has been produced to take into account the inventory network necessities of different organizations over the world in the purpose of lessening of cost and time of conveyance.

eSCM is based on the idea of substances with legitimate part mappings between them. The framework is sufficiently dynamic to ingest new substances, new parts, new mappings, new managerial administrations and new record composes to be traded between the elements.


eSCM is an application which takes into account computerization of the procedures of a store network. The framework likewise deals with the stream of the archives electronically.

eSCM likewise empowers clients to trade information with other outer frameworks like SAP, outside confirmation frameworks and heritage applications.

eSCM as an answer keeps running in ASP mode, which implies it can be utilized for numerous organizations with totally unique examples, production network models, work processes and report streams.